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Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Recruitment of various post in Central Railway

  Govt Orders Link       Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Central  Railway

No. PA/P /Gaz/CMP

Divisional Office. Personnell3ranch.


Dt. 04.02.2021 



In terms of Railway Board's letter  dated  24.12.2020,   on the  above subject  m.atter, CMPs are to be engaged. It is required that 05 posts of CMPs are to be kept filled to maintain effective strength of doctors. Hence, Walk-in-interviews/Online vi.deo call in~erviews ~il~ ~e held to engage CMPs from open market on full time contract baSIS who fulfils the eligibility criteria specified below for a period from the date of their joining or till 30.06.2021.

The engagement will be offered purely on contract basis for a period from the date of their joining or till 30.06.2021.   Preference will be given to those, who can join immediately to Divisional  Railway Hospital Pune.

The Notification is valid till 31.05.2021   up to 18.00  hours. Candidates  may apply and send their applications through this office mail id i.e. admnpersonnelpa@gmail.com  along with scanned  copies of the  documents/certificates   up to 31.05.2021,    18.00   hours.  Applications received after due date will not be considered.

Scrutiny  of the  applications  will be done  on weekly basis  or  as  per  the  urgency /


Eligible candidates  will be interviewed  by the nominated  committee  through  online mode through Whatsapp on weekly basis or as per the urgency/requirement.

{A}Vacancies: Total vacancies notified are OS,which  will be filled from Open Market.

a.  Since the  posts  are  over  and  above  the  sanctioned  cadre  due  to  the  exigencies  on temporary measure,   no  prescribed   community   distribution    (SC/ST /08C/EWS)    is applicable.   However,   age   relaxation    will  be   given  to   candidates    belonging    to SC/ST   /08C/PwBD   etc category  as per  extant  rules.  Age will be  reckoned   as on the date of notification.

b. The  vacancy  is  provisional   and  may  increase   or  decrease   as  per   administrative necessity. There  may be 'wait-listed/stand-by'    candidates   against  the  notified  panel/ select list who may be engaged as per necessity.


Number  of posts  and  locations  are  subjected   to change.  Offer will be on  the  basis  of vacancies available  at the time of engagement.

1   Posts indicated  herein  may be kept unfilled at the discretion  of administration.

2   Contrac~ can.be te:minated   ?y ~he Railway at any time during  thecontract period  by giving

15 days   notice  without   assigrnng  any  reason  as per  the  terms  and  conditions   laid down vide  Railway  Boards  letter  No.  96/E(GR)  11/9/16  dated   23/02/2000     & No. 2008/E(GR) lI/l/1    dated  16/07/2012,28/03/2020         and  31/03/2020.                                            '. 

3   CMP's doctors   ,who  enter   into  contract    with  the  railways   will  not  have  any  claim  or  right for  his/her    continuity    in service   or  automatic    extension    of the  term   of contract.    Services rendered as  fulltime   contract    Doctors   will  not  have  any  bearing    in respect   of considering of  their   period   in  regular   selection    through    UPSC, RRB, RRC nor  will  it confer   upon   them any  right  for regulations    or absorption.

4   Eligible  SC/ST/OBC/EWS  candidates   may  apply  along  with  caste  certificate/necessary

certificate  for age relaxation  as per extent  ruleswill be allowed  to them.

5   Shortlisted  staff will have to pass the prescribed   medical examination.

6  Appointed   doctors   should   work   in  all  areas   of  hospital   including  fever  clinic,  COVID

isolation  ward,  Railway quarantine   beds.

A. Remuneration

C. Educational/Professional          qualifications     for CMP.
1.  Degree   in  medicine    i.e.  MBBS (Recognized   by  MCI included   in  the   first   or  second schedule   or part  eleven  of the third  schedule  (other  than  the licentiate   qualifications   to the  Indian   Medical  Council  Act 1956.)  holders  of educational   Qualification   in part  II of the  third   schedule   should   also  fulfill the  condition   stipulated    in section   13  (3)  of the Indian  Medical  Council  Act 1956.)
2.  Candidates   should   have  satisfactorily   completed  the compulsory     rotating    internship.

D. Doctors  serving   under   State/Central    Govt/  Publicsector   undertaking    etc  may  apply  with
NOC from  the  respective   organization.
E.  Doctors   while  applying   should  indicate  past  service  rendered,   ifany  including   the  period of contract   put  in by them  on all over  Indian  Railways.
F. Those     fulfilling     the    above     conditions      may    apply    on    this    office    mail    id    i.e. admnpersonnelpa@gmail.com along  with  scanned   copies  of the  documents/certificates
for online  interview   on WhatsApp   recorded   conference   call on weekly  basis.
1.  Walk-in  interview   is replaced   by Whats  App recorded   conference   callfrom   a designated number.
2.  Applicants    will  fill  up  their   applications     in  the   prescribed     format   along   with
scanned   copies  of your  documents/     certificates
3. Original   document    verification    of only  selected   candidates    will  be  done  at the  time  of joining   and  in  case  of  doubt   the  next  candidate    in the waiting   list  will  be  called   for joining.
4. No accornmodation/Pass/P'I'O         will be provided.

This is purely  a temporary   measure  and after  30.06.2021  the status  quo ante"   ill be restored   with  regard  to total  strength   and  delegation   of power  unless  extended   by further  orders.
(Notification uploaded on www.cr.indtanraiiway.qov.inj

Annexure 1

Central Railway                                                                                               Pune Division


1.         The contract is valid only for three months from the date of joining, Period of contract  is not extendable on any Grounds.
2.          The full time  CMP /contracted   Para  medical staff who  enter  into  contract  with  the
railways will not have any claim or right for his/her  continuity in service or automatic  extension of the term of the contract.
3.          During the  validity of the  contract,  the  CMP/para   medical  staff  will be  at  liberty  to
terminate the  contract  by giving 15 days  notice  to  the  railways.  The  contract   can  also  be terminated   by the railways at any time during the contract,  by giving 15 days  notice  without assigning any reason whatsoever.

4.          Any CMP OR Para medical staff leaving his place of work on leave of absence  should  get
prior permission of the Controlling Authority.

5.         One Day off will be given in a week.

6.          The  monthly   fee  for  CMP /Contract   Para  Medical  Staff  and   the   daily   rate      of proportionate   reduction  from  the  fee in the  event  of the  CMP/contract   Para  medical   staff absents  himself/herself   for periods  exceeding  those  stipulated   in  the  contract   WILL   BE ON PRORATA BASIS:                                                .

7. The  CMP/  contract   para  medical  staff  shall  be  governed   in  respect   of matter   not referred to in these terms  and conditions by any order/amendment    on the terms  contract  issued by the Railways from time to time.
8. The contract  CMP /para   medical staff shall attend  to all the normal  tasks  which any para medical staff is doing conventionally.


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