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The best board games on PC

The best board games on PC

It is not always possible to get together with friends and have a boarding night whenever you want, so we have compiled the TOP of board games on PC that you can play with bots or strangers from the network.


Since 2018, one of the best strategy board games can be played on PC. You and several of your rivals will have to develop their own civilizations, era after era, competing whose culture is cooler and richer.

Which way to go to victory is up to you? For example, you can create a state in which all major industries develop harmoniously, or you can focus on one thing, be it scientific and technological progress or military science. Each turn, players receive new cards that are added to their deck. At the same time, everyone is free to play the available cards, both military and peaceful.


When it comes to Dungeons & Dragons, the imagination immediately draws a group of heroes ready to go to their goal along a dangerous path, fight monsters and share the treasures they have got. But the essence of Lords of Waterdeep is somewhat different.

The action takes place in the Forgotten Realms familiar to D&D fans. But this time you will not have to get involved in fights on your own, because you are not an ordinary adventurer, but a lord, so you will hire brave heroes, and they already have to do great things on your behalf. Naturally, in addition to this, the lord needs to develop his possessions, expand his influence, so that he will not do without intrigue and clashes with rivals.


Gremlins, Inc. - a funny strategy about gremlins waging a war for power in the city. Everyone is trying to grab a tastier piece and score more points. And the players earn points by interacting with each other. This is where the funniest part begins because, in order to succeed, you need to spoil your rivals as much as possible.

The multiplayer is designed for 2-6 players, each of whom can choose one of 12 playable characters. You can, of course, play with AI instead of living people, but it won't be so fun. You can download several DLCs for the game with new icons, visual effects, character portraits, and other decorations.


Armello is a magical mixture of RPG and card game. The action takes place in the eponymous fairy kingdom, which was once ruled by the mighty Lion King. But the ruler fell victim to the dark forces, so representatives of four clans - bears, wolves, rabbits, and rats - are now fighting for the throne. So players will have to decide which clan to join, choose a character, and try to become a king.

Of course, each hero has its own characteristics, abilities, and vulnerabilities, and the possibilities on each turn are limited. At the same time, all applicants for the throne have cards in their hands that can affect the course of the battle (for example, you can strengthen yourself or make muck to your neighbors). In general, it is played very fun and interesting.


Twilight Struggle is a deep strategy that forces you to strain the convolutions well and addictive for a long time. The game takes us back to the years of the Cold War and offers to try on the role of the ruler of one of the superpowers - the USA or the USSR. Actually, Twilight Struggle was originally designed for two players.

Spread your influence as actively as possible, take control of new territories in order to eventually become the ruler of the world. Just be careful with nuclear weapons


Railroad simulators have long been a fairly popular subgenre. Ticket to Ride is an adaptation of the famous board game that will make you nervous.

At first, the game seems simple and straightforward - know the structure of the road, connect the cars and send trains to the desired points, and the further the point is located, the more points the player gets in the end. But your rivals also have cards in their hands, they also need to complete their tasks, so they may well lay routes in important places for you and in every possible way put a spoke in your wheels.


This game should be appreciated not only by fans of board games but also by fans of the "Witcher" universe. Here, of course, everything is not as serious as in the trilogy, but there is something to do. You have to play as one of the heroes we know well from games and books - Geralt, Triss, Dandelion, or Yarpen Zigrin. Together with your comrades in arms, you will complete various tasks and fight against enemies.

This game is quite suitable for beginners in board games, the rules are quite simple, which cannot be said about many other games in our TOP, so it is not difficult to get comfortable in this world.


Chaos Reborn is the spiritual successor to Chaos: The Battle of Wizards, released in 1985. This is a story about a magical war, in which powerful wizards cast deadly spells, throw fireballs at each other, and, most interestingly, call different creatures to their service.

Each magician receives a set of cards in his hands that determine his spells. But just standing still and sending beams of magic will not work, this is still not a CCI, sometimes you have to hide, climb heights and perform various maneuvers. The summoned creatures have a number of characteristics that you need to consider when considering your tactics. Additionally, mages can bluff, trick opponents with illusions, seize mana sources to gain an advantage, and much more.


It is possible that playing 100% Orange Juice, you will experience almost physical pain. The fact is that absolute randomness rules here, so you never know what awaits you on the next turn. At first, the game seems incomprehensible, complex, and makes you very nervous, but only a little time will pass, and you will understand that losing is fun.

The bottom line is that players in the amount of 2-4 people move around the map to complete certain quests, kill bosses, and earn buns. The number of steps to be taken by the player determines the roll of the die. And no one is safe from all sorts of traps and other troubles. Before playing, we advise you to carefully read the manual, otherwise, it can be quite difficult to understand all this.


This PC board game simulator offers to while away an hour or two with a game of chess, checkers, backgammon, and other well-known games. But the beauty of Tabletop Simulator is completely different - it is a game in which you can literally create your own games.

The number of players determines the rules for each particular game. Although there are options for entertaining in splendid isolation like a variety of solitaire games, playing in multiplayer is naturally much more interesting. What's nice is that the playing field can be viewed from any angle, and voice chat allows you to communicate with other players without interference.


This adventure game is based on the board game of the same name and is probably familiar to many who are interested in this genre. The players' task seems to be quite simple - choose one of a dozen characters and try to get to the center of the map faster than opponents, where a Mighty Artifact is located.

On the way to the goal, you will have to overcome many obstacles, face many dangers, and earn useful buns. What is nice, the game maintains a balance between the player's decisions and randomness, therefore, your fate depends both on the characteristics and actions of the character, and on the dice rolls.


This gloomy game tells about the difficult fate of the kingdom of Kirmarr, going through troubled times - now it is ruled by various monsters and undead. The king, who has lost its former greatness and authority, gets the powerful guilds to regain control of the kingdom by any available means.

Players choose which guild to join, roll dice, and play cards, in general, do everything to destroy enemies. The game offers complete freedom of action, including the freedom to cheat, so you will have to enforce the rules yourself.


Despite the fact that the adaptation of the mechanics of the original board game was simplified, it may not only appeal to love craftophiles. Yes, it is on the works of Lovecraft that the whole plot is built. Four researchers are forced to go to the museum, which hides an ancient evil, and not let him break free.

The plan of the building will open before the daredevils, the points through which the team must pass in order to reach the final goal are marked on us. Each researcher has useful abilities, for example, someone can heal, and someone can reroll dice. But they also have weaknesses, so before starting each adventure, you need to analyze all the information available about it, suddenly some of the team members shouldn't come to this place at all.


Patchwork is a fun game for two. The bottom line is to sew a beautiful blanket out of patches. Players will have to buy matching pieces of fabric, similar to Tetris figures, and try to arrange them so that they get a complete picture. You will have to pay for each new piece with buttons.

You can compete with both real people and AI, choosing the level of difficulty. At first, the game seems pretty easy, but after playing a little, you will realize that here you also need to wiggle your convolutions and even think over a strategy.


Like many of the games on this list, Carcassonne is another digital adaptation, and perhaps one of the most famous. Those who are familiar with city planning strategies will definitely be addicted to this game.

Each player has a set of cards, which represent buildings or landscape elements, and tokens - units. You need to build your city, surround it with a wall, and take care of the presence of all the necessary buildings inside, place units. Naturally, a limited number of actions can be taken for each move.

Small world 2

The main goal of the Small World 2 players is world domination. Naturally, in a small fantasy world, there is no place for a few ambitious conquerors, so you will have to fight for power. Leading one of the playable races, you have to lead it to prosperity, new territories, and achievements.

The second part practically does not differ from the first in mechanics and also represents an almost original board game, only in digital form, but new races and various small amenities were added.

Monopoly Plus

Monopoly has been and continues to be played by everyone, young and old, and most board fans started with it. Already in 1936, this game became a hit and to this day various adaptations of it are released. And for good reason, it's so great to drive your friends to bankruptcy and to white heat.

The PC version of the game offers not just moving around the painted field, but traveling around a voluminous city full of bright colors. There is also an opportunity to change the rules at will and play in modes of varying difficulty.

Catan universe

Another digitized incarnation of the legendary Catan. The board has often looked to gamers before, including in the form of a browser and a console game. The competition takes place in a small field of hexes imitating islands and reservoirs.

One session is for four participants, who take turns building settlements, roads, and cities. The first to score 10 points wins. A very easy to learn and yet quite addicting game, well adapted for personal computers.

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