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Star Renegades Review - A new take on roguelike

Star Renegades Review

Star Renegades without shame and conscience mixes different genres - the game has a bit of adventure, tactical battles, a pinch of card games ... And all this is seasoned with roguelike sauce. Surprisingly, the dish doesn't turn into a wild and nasty concoction - each ingredient goes well with the other, and Star Renegades brings a new gaming experience.

Developer: Massive Damage, Inc.

Publisher: Raw Fury

Release date:  September 8, 2020


The game meets us with a cartoon sketch that reveals the plot. Future. With might and main thunder "Star Wars", organized by the Empire, which just wants to destroy everything around. A certain woman hides her daughter, Wynn Cyfex, in an escape pod until enemies get to her. The only thing that remains of the girl's mother is half of the amulet.

At the end of this sketch, there is already an unexpected twist - having matured, the girl, armed to the teeth, enters the abode of evil, and sees her mother sitting on the throne. And this is not a spoiler, but the plot of the story!

The plot in the game is far from the last place - yet it is the starting and ending point of the adventure. There are other unexpected twists and turns, and the characters that we meet in the process of passing have their own stories and perspectives on events.

The dialogues are implemented as in the visual novel - the image of the hero appears on the screen, and you can read his speech in the text window. The heroes do not pretend to be super-serious soldiers - they can joke and share their experiences.


After the intriguing cartoon, we will meet the mature Wynn before the reunion with a relative took place. In the training mission, we learn the basics of gameplay - by controlling the pixel man from a bird's eye view, you can wander around the starting location and, if you wish, go to another. There the enemy can wait for him, and then the battle will immediately begin.

The player, on the other hand, needs to choose for the hero what he will do - attack, use the ability, defend himself, heal allies. By your actions, you can "delay" the opponent, not allowing him to attack. Having decided, the player will observe what is happening on the screen until the next phase. This happens until one of the parties is destroyed.

Perhaps it turned out chaotic and incomprehensible, but such a system will definitely delight gamers who love tactics. Sitting smartly in front of the screen, we go through different options for events, study the abilities and characteristics of heroes and enemies, and sometimes take a step back to take two forward. Battles, by the way, are team battles - up to 6 heroes can be in a player's squad.


The main gameplay boils down to clearing three planets from the forces of the Empire and the final battle on their main ship. At first, the player will have a small squad of three people, but with each planet cleared, a new ally will join the group.

Once landed on a planet, the player can decide where to go. There are plenty of locations, and each can contain enemies, bonuses, caches, or all at once. Three days are given for research, and the day ends if you visit three locations. Thus, the player will not be able to explore the entire planet - he will have to think about which places are important for him and which ones can be skipped.

As mentioned, Wynn does not travel alone. She will be accompanied by other renegades, each with a specific role and different skills. There is a robot sniper "NRZA", a saboteur Nodo who mows like Star-Lord, a girl magician who can support allies, and many others. They can be pumped, equipped with weapons and armor.

On locations, there are both ordinary enemies and mini-bosses. The enemy system, by the way, is taken from the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor / War dilogy. That is, the lieutenants of the Empire army and their generals can be seen in such a field, as shown in the picture below. If the enemy defeats the player's team, or he manages to escape from the battle, at the end of the game he is promoted in rank, he acquires new abilities, and becomes stronger.

At the end of the day, the player will have a night (thanks, captain), under the cover of which his characters rest in the camp. Here you can use cards that give temporary or permanent buffs and improve relations between squad members. This will give them bonuses to their characteristics, as well as open joint actions that can be used in battle.


At first, you can forget that Star Renegades is also a roguelike. But this will be reminded by the giant bosses who need to be destroyed to go to another planet. They are really difficult and are able to defeat all the characters in the squad with literally one attack. If this happens, we return to the base, losing all progress on pumping. At the base, you can open new allies, abilities, equipment for them, and modifiers for passing. There is also a space bar where you can chat with renegades.

And yes, everything will start anew - the first planet, simple enemies, and a completely untrained and "naked" squad, the composition of which can also be determined in advance at the base.

The replay mechanic is based on dimensional travel - they say, the enemy managed to destroy it, but nothing, we will try our luck elsewhere (they are no different). Fortunately, progress can be saved at any time and rest, because one batch can drag on for 3-4 hours.


It's time to add some fly in the ointment, and they are associated with bugs and technical flaws. The most important problem is the long downloads, especially after the boss fights. It comes to the point that they do not stop, and you have to restart the game.  endless download never ended, and my adventures in Star Renegades came to an end.

There are also graphical bugs, and FPS in some locations drops to 5-10. We always remember that upgrades based on different price tags have the same effect - also a bug critical for a roguelike.


The advantages still cover the disadvantages, because technical bugs are removable. Star Renegades is an amazing game that brings a fresh take on the roguelike genre. All mechanics are in perfect harmony with each other, and as a result, Star Renegades can be seriously delayed. Recommend.


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