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Nioh Full Version

Nioh Full Version

Nioh is an action-RPG about the blonde samurai William. The action is set in Japan during the Warring States period. Players will have to clear the lands of the samurai from the demons of the yokai.

Released: February 7, 2017

Genre: Action, RPG

Developer: Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd.

Platform: PC

Interface language: English


Intense supernatural sword battles await them. The developers promise a challenge in Nioh that will truly test your skills, patience, and strategies.

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (x64 only)

Processor: Intel® Core ™ i5 3550 or higher


Video card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780 VRAM 3GB or higher; AMD Radeon ™ R9 280 VRAM 3GB or higher

Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0c

Free space on hard disk: 74 GB

Game features:

An exciting adventure. You are going to become a stranger in a mysterious country and set off on an exciting journey through medieval Japan shrouded in mystery.

Choose a blade by yourself.  Katanas and paired katanas, spears and axes, hammers, bows, and even rifles ... Why not!

Realistic combat system.

Death is also a test. In the places of death of other players, you will find their graves and you can call the souls of fallen soldiers to battle. If you manage to win, you will get their equipment.

Character development. Nioh features a multi-faceted role-playing system that allows players to customize William's abilities to their liking. By developing his strength, agility, and endurance, you will increase the power of blows, get the ability to deal more damage, use magic and chi energy.

Full Version

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