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Kill It With Fire Review - A Radical Approach to Spider Control

Kill It With Fire Game Review

In mid-August, the game Kill It with Fire was released on PC, in which you can burn down a house while trying to kill a little spider. It may not be the best treatment for arachnophobia, but it can be great fun. Here's why.

Developer: Casey Donnellan Games LLC

Publisher: tinyBuild

Release date: 13 August 2020

The unnamed hero of Kill It with Fire decided to fight the spiders that have settled literally everywhere - behind paintings, under books, between cushions, in boxes, and other places. His methods are quite radical: just slamming the spider is not enough - you have to shoot it, burn it, and blow it up! It doesn't matter that the house turns into ruins, the result is important.

Hmm, was there a spider there?

The game contains a dozen thematic levels: from the apartment we get out to the store, then the Chinese garden, farm, office, and other locations. Each of them has tasks that must be completed: basic - to destroy so many spiders so that the door leading to the exit opens, and secondary - for example, drop an anvil on the enemy or find all flash drives and insert them into the server slots.

For achieving goals, the game rewards access to secret places: here you can find a secret passage behind a bookcase or a drawer in which there will be a new weapon. If you complete all the tasks on the level, you can start the last test, which requires you to kill a certain number of spiders in a limited time. To get to the exit from the location, you don't have to strain too much, however, only the most attentive and patient players will be able to complete the mission 100%.

With each new level in Kill It with Fire, new spiders appear. At first, these are ordinary black spiders, which can be swatted in one fell swoop, but gradually invisible, explosive, radioactive, and other types of arthropods appear in the game.

They cannot harm the character, but this does not make it easier: some creatures are hiding on objects, and you definitely cannot resist a cry, finding a spider on a plate taken in your hands, others jump right on the character, forcing you to recoil from the screen in horror. Suspense is overtaken by eerie music that plays at the moments when the spider runs by. On the one hand, it signals the presence of the enemy, on the other, it makes you tremble.

Kill It With Fire Game Review

Not only the soundtrack will help to find the spiders, but also the radar - the best assistant for a novice hunter. The basic version shows an approximate direction towards the enemy, but after a couple of upgrades, he will learn how to mark targets on the screen, show the number of spiders remaining at the level, and so on. You can also improve the main character's equipment - for example, open the ability to run faster or throw objects further.

But these are only auxiliary tools in the fight against enemies. The main arsenal is much more serious. There is a revolver, a shotgun, a grenade launcher, explosives, baits, a flamethrower, and Molotov cocktails, and much more. Yes, too radical - but what a lot of fun! Realistic physics and destructibility allow you to wreak havoc on the location, and it doesn't matter if there are spiders left - not all the barrels are blown up and not all the vases are broken.

Thus, the game itself distracts the player from the main goal - the destruction of spiders. But this does not harm the gameplay, on the contrary - it helps to relax and have plenty of fun. Considering that it takes about 15-20 minutes to complete each level, Kill It with Fire is a great way to let off steam after a hard day. And that is great.

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