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IDDQD, HESOYAM, MOTHERLODE: cheats that have become legend


Those who saw the dawn of the era of video games have very similar memories: Dendy, computer clubs, and the search for the coveted CDs with novelties on street ruins. And also - the leaves hid under the keyboard with handwritten cheat codes for your favorite toy.

Initially, magical sets of characters or controller buttons served a utilitarian purpose: to facilitate testing of the game. By the time they were released, they were either forgotten or decided to leave, so as not to go into the code once again. And at some point, it turned out that the players were also not averse to feeling like gods and having fun from the heart! It's no secret that some Russian gaming publications began their lives precisely as collections of cheat codes, and on the cover of the very first “Gambling addiction” passwords and codes take pride of place.

We decided to recall the most famous cheat codes - those that have long become cult and gone into memes, anecdotes, and legends. And let's start, of course, with the "Konami code".

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

Konami programmer and game designer Kazuhisa Hashimoto has worked on a number of games, but in history, he will forever remain as the creator of the "Konami code". The special keystroke sequence first appeared in the game Gradius but became known as the "thirty lives code" in Contra more than thirty years ago.

The combination of ten commands was chosen so that it was easy to remember, but at the same time, it was almost impossible to enter it randomly. And if something worked out well, why not use it again? And again and again ... The code is used in dozens of games, and not all of them are related to Konami. And its introduction does not always make the player's life easier: for example, in BioShock Infinite and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the Konami code unlocks the maximum difficulty, and in Anthem, after entering the code, the music in the menu changes to eight-bit.

Those who have not launched a single game in their lives can also meet the Konami code or UUDDLRLRBA: the popularity of the sequence has long spilled out beyond the scope of this medium. It is used on websites as Easter eggs. They sing about him (Deftones and The Gotsicles, for example). It is inserted into films, cartoons, and programs. Even the virtual assistants Siri, Alex, and Google Assistant will react to the code.

IDDQD, with and without IDKFA

In 1993, id Software released the shooter DOOM, which became famous at lightning speed. And after it, the IDDQD code also gained popularity. After all, the calendar, we recall, is the beginning of the nineties: the Internet exists somewhere, but the same Chemax database will appear only years later, and in the very knowledge of cheats for a fashionable game there is something of omnipotence. Simple letters IDDQD could make the player a real god because now he was not threatened with death. Fans of having fun to the fullest also added IDKFA - a code for full armament.

In the follow-up, Heretic id Software also activated support for the famous cheat codes. But she made them a decoy easter egg: IDKFA took away all weapons from the player, and IDDQD killed the hero on the spot.


Everything in life is about money - a lesson that players in The Sims quickly learned. And the developers themselves perfectly understood this feature of their virtual world, so cheat codes for money were made as simple and memorable as possible.

From the very beginning, you could get a thousand simoleons in The Sims by typing klapaucius in the console window. This was probably a reference to the great constructor Klapaucius from Cyberiada, but Lem's piece was little familiar to The Sims and was soon changed to rosebud, the keyword from Citizen Kane.

True, Klapaucius, rosebud, and later kaching added only a thousand simoleons to the family's expense. This amount could be increased by prescribing additional signs ... but it was easier to go the other way. In The Sims 2 came the famous cheat motherlode, adding to the budget just 50,000! Of course, fans of the easy life used it immediately and exclusively.

In prospecting myths, the word motherlode denoted the main gold mine, the source of all gold on earth. The magical generosity of the cheat code has made an underused word more popular - to the extent that World of Warcraft fans believe the name is Motherlode! Owes exactly to The Sims series. In Russian, unfortunately, they called it simply: "Gold mine!"


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, released in 2002, became the queen of computer clubs for a long time. Her style and atmosphere beat on the spot, arousing interest even among those players who considered previous GTAs to be entertainment for a specific contingent. But two years later she was replaced on the throne by San Andreas - a game that for many has remained a favorite in the series.

The advanced technical part of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allowed it to be stuffed with hundreds of custom modifications, changing it beyond recognition. Craftsmen even managed to add a good multiplayer to it with the ability to rivet a variety of modes on the knee. And cheat codes were given to enjoy all this wealth to the full.

You enter AEZAKMI - and you can do any atrocities, the police don't care deeply about them. AJLOJYQY - and the streets of the state turn into a battle arena. AIWPRTON - and you are in the middle of all this mess on the Rhino tank! By the way, it was possible to ride it in Vice City: there the code was even simpler, PANZER.

But the main king of all San Andreas cheats was HESOYAM. This is the only code for money, with its help it was possible to instantly top up the budget by 250 thousand dollars. In addition, he completely restored health and armor and even repaired the car!

This is the head!

The following cheat code is unlikely to be quoted from memory, especially since it appears in a variety of spellings. But almost everyone knows what he is doing: enlarging the heads of the characters - sometimes to comic proportions. This code first appeared in the NBA Jam, back on arcade machines: after making a certain sequence of clicks, players could admire basketball players with heads swollen like balls.

Following the NBA Jam, other developers began to add similar code. You can enable the "huge heads" mode in Batman: Arkham Knight, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 3, Gears of War 3, Saints Row 4, GTA: Liberty City Stories, Motocross Madness 2, Turok, and many other games.

Ewoks, Lasers, Death Star, Age of Empires

Age of Empires series refers to serious and realistic historical strategy. But the level of fun it can be is comparable to that of IDDQD and HESOYAM. And all thanks to cheat codes! The thing is that the creators have hidden Easter eggs in the game, called by various teams. These cheating units have tremendous power and are able to almost single-handedly deal with the enemy army and demolish the enemy base.

As soon as you enter PHOTON MAN, a soldier with a laser rifle appears at the command center - or with a nuclear weapon, if you use E = MC2 TROOPER. The BIG DADDY code summons a rocket launcher, and HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON is a modern Cobra car that shoots both strangers and friends with equal success.

Other codes threw a monkey boy or an exploding saboteur into battle - and more than one, because you could enter the cheat code as many times as you like. And the most insidious MEDUSA code turned all the peasants into jellyfish, which became more and more powerful units after each death.

This approach was retained in the Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds strategy, released in 2001 by the Age of Empires clone. But the cheat units here were consistent with the setting. For example, SIMON SAYS summoned a fast and powerful assassin Ewok, and SCARYNEIGHBOR - a Bongo Marauder motorboat with a laser cannon. Supplement Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns further expand the list of super-units: they were joined by the Corellian corvette, the Star Destroyer, and even a real Death Star!

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