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Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Complete The Ancient Arsenal Quest

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Ancient Arsenal Quest

In Horizon Zero Dawn, die-hard treasure hunters can find the best armor in the game. Here's how to get it - and find all the batteries you need. The game has a side quest called The Ancient Arsenal. Which is estimated to be level 25, but reveals itself in the starting area if you can find it. As you might guess from the name, the reward for it will be something from the era before the apocalypse - the same armor called "Shield Weaver". This is by far the best armor in Horizon Zero Dawn, but you need to find a few batteries to get it.

Definitely worth looking for. Shield weaver armor is not modifiable, but it has excellent resistance to all damage categories, so it easily surpasses anything you can upgrade yourself. But its main beauty is that before it needs a recharge, it fully reflects significant damage. That is, you may not receive any damage from the blows even several times in a row if you manage to rest for a few seconds between them. In addition, it is not scary at all (hello fans of the Silent Hunter), with a cool flickering effect.

Below we will tell you exactly how to start the Ancient Arsenal quest, where to find the batteries needed to complete it, and how to solve the puzzles that separate you from the best armor in Horizon Zero Dawn. Caution - the text contains spoilers for mission and dungeon names.


To activate the Ancient Armory quest, you can find a Power Cell for the Find Use for a Power Batch mission or complete the Horizon Zero Dawn Prologue missions so you can leave the Embrace and travel to the Sacred Lands map, where the main quest will begin.

In any case, you will need to leave the Embrace and head north along the main road. Watch out for the rainbow-like ruin symbol on your radar and map. You need the Bunker - it is located in the western part of this area, closer to the mountain range separating the Embrace and the Karh Territory.

Go down to the Bunker dungeon (don't miss the Metal Flower) and reach the locked room where the armor is kept. With your back to the entrance to the dungeon, look to the right - you will find one of the holo-locks that are periodically found in the game.

To open this holo-lock, you need two batteries. One of them can be found before the completion of the prologue, but you can return for it later. Don't worry, below we will list all the locations where the batteries are located.

When you open the first holo-lock in the bunker, there will be another one between you and the ancient armor. You will need three more batteries for it. Unfortunately, they are located in dungeons that cannot be reached until certain story quests are completed.

Battery location

In order to collect all the batteries for the Ancient Arsenal quest in Horizon Zero Dawn, you need to go pretty far in the main storyline. But the Shield weaver is well worth it - this armor will serve you well in the more difficult side quests and late game. The food element in the bunker - at any time after Aloy's growing up.

The first battery can be found in the Ruins dungeon in Embrace (starting area). This is the dungeon that Aloy explored as a child during her training. Return to the Adult Ruins and look for places where stalactites and stalagmites form barriers. Break them with your spear to reveal the rooms behind them. One of them contains a battery. And don't forget the Metal Flower.

The Power Element of the Great Mother - during or after the story quest in the Womb of the Mountain of the Great Mother.

You will find the second element of food before the completion of the prologue. When Aloy wakes up in Great Mother Mountain, search the rooms around the angular corridor (look on the map). You will find a battery next to a small tunnel that you can crawl into. If you suddenly miss it, you can come back here later. When moving quickly, the door can be closed, but it can be reopened by moving to a more distant location and walking or riding.

Power Element of the Master's Reach - during or after the "Master's Reach" story quest the third battery in Horizon Zero Dawn is located at the very top of the tower in the Master's Reach, which you will explore in the quest of the same name. Once you reach the conference room - the final goal of this dungeon - jump over the elevator shaft and climb the rock - the battery at the very top.

The Treasure of Death food element - during or after the story quest "Treasure of Death"

The fourth battery can be found in the ruins called "Treasure of Death", first available in the story quest of the same name. Take a look into the side rooms, it is not so well hidden.

Gay Prime Battery - During or after the Fallen Mountain story quest the last battery is in Gay Prime and you won't be able to get there until the very end of the main quest. It is best to look for it the first time you visit a dungeon with active checkpoints. Head straight through the room where you see the hologram and pick up the quest item. Then look at the rope leading back to the start, but don't go down it. Go back to the stairs and find a place at the edge of the abyss where you can climb down. After going down, walk along the purple lights - you will reach directly to the fifth battery. To return to the task of the quest, head down in the direction of the rope.

Solving puzzles

After finding all five batteries, return to the Bunker and use the two darkened interfaces on the first door lock to fully power the holo-lock.

Rotate the lock control units to match the time on a nearby monitor. From left to right, they should point up, right, down and up again.

You will go to the second castle. Reinsert the batteries in the darkened interfaces, and then rotate the control units to match the corners on the display, from left to right: right, left, up, right, left.

By opening both sets of holo-locks with the energy of the batteries, you will receive a treasure box. Check the corresponding section in your inventory and open it. There the Shield weaver will be.

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