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Hitman 3: everything we know about the game

Hitman 3 game

Hitman 3 Game

Hitman fans from IO Interactive can prepare for the next adventure of everyone's favorite bald hitman - Hitman 3 was officially announced at the Sony presentation.

We will update this article as new IO Interactive announcements are made, so please try to check it back periodically.


On November 6, 2019, IO Interactive published a content roadmap for Hitman 2 in November and mentioned in passing that Hitman 3 is already in development. “After 13 months of continuous support and content creation for Hitman 2, we have reached a point where we are increasingly looking to the future,” the developers said on their blog.

After that, a new Noclip documentary about the rise and fall of Hitman was released, in which the CEO and co-founder of IO Interactive Hakan Abrak shared some information about the studio's plans. 1 to the last location from Hitman 3, where there will be more than 20 locations.

Finally, the long-awaited Hitman 3 was announced at the PlayStation event, where we were presented with new games for PlayStation 5. The game about the adventures of the bald hitman will be released on PC (exclusively on the Epic Games Store) and current and next-generation consoles on January 20, 2021.

Hitman VR

At the State of Play event, IO Interactive announced that the entire Hitman trilogy will be available to play in VR mode - on a PlayStation VR headset. We don't yet know if the game will be released on other VR devices besides the Sony headset; as soon as new information appears, we will immediately update this collection.

System requirements

The developers did not wait long with the announcement of the system requirements for Hitman 3, and now we know what PC is required to play. So in the minimum configuration requirements, a processor of the level of Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Phenom II X4 940, 8 GB of RAM, and a video card no worse than NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 is declared.

This is enough to run the game with minimal graphics settings, but the authors recommend playing on a system with an Intel Core level i7-4790, 16 GB of RAM, and a graphics card better than NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD RX Vega 56. On the hard drive, the game takes 80 GB.


The 2016 reboot of Hitman is very cool to present a fresh and interesting take on the series' format. At Hitman 2, IO Interactive continued to evolve the concept, creating more expansive and atmospheric maps with a flexible mission structure that allowed players to complete contracts in a myriad of different ways. However, the sequel's gameplay and plot structure has remained largely unchanged, prompting many fans to wonder if it's time for IO to try some new ideas.

The simplest and most obvious space for change in Hitman 3 is the story and the way it is presented. Agent 47, being a hitman all his life, has earned many enemies, including his beloved rival/ally Diana. The two have walked side-by-side for years, starting with Hitman: Blood Money itself, but they never really faced each other. Maybe in the next game, IO will finally change that. At the moment, it is known that 47, with the support of Diana, will team up with long-lost friend Lucas Gray to confront dangerous enemies.

Another way to shake up the series' triumphant conclusion is to create a whole new, darker atmosphere in Hitman 3. And while there were contracts in the past that scared players as well, it would be interesting to see how IO will explore the horror genre, sending Agent 47 to even more creepy places, such as an abandoned graveyard or a secluded cabin in the woods.

Obviously, IO has probably already spent a lot of time considering various ideas for Hitman 3, including those related to the release structure. In the aforementioned Noclip documentary, Hakan Abrak made a proposal to return to the episodic Hitman 2016 format for the third part of the game. However, now we are talking about the release of the full version of the game in one day and not an episodic structure.


Hitman 3's gameplay changes are far riskier, as any major shifts could completely kill the replayability and enjoyment of the first two parts. To keep fans happy and keep the game fresh and interesting, IO can simply evolve the Hitman 2 concept with new killing methods and handy features.

Car missions are a great offer. We've seen Agent 47 hide in a helicopter on numerous occasions, but what if you let him fly on his own while fulfilling a contract? This idea can be developed even further and introduce boats, cars, possibly motorcycles. We saw how Forty-seventh explodes a moving car, let's see how he works behind the wheel himself.

Another creative way to update Part 3 is to include more than just more locations, but more diverse locations. Luxurious penthouses, castles of secret societies, and out-of-the-box parties are great for wreaking havoc, but there are certainly plenty of other places in the world to find corrupt politicians or dishonest businessmen who deserve to die.

Plus, as Hitman 3 is being developed for the next generation of consoles, players can look forward to much broader maps that unlock the potential of the new hardware and provide more options for stealing disguises, hiding bodies, and of course, killing people. The series has earned a certain reputation for the seriousness that fans continue to believe in, but it would be great to see IO Interactive bring a little frenzy into the trilogy to celebrate the end of the trilogy and allow Agent 47 to rock out with some fancy weapon. Of course, something like a flamethrower or rocket launcher doesn't quite fit the spirit of the series, but with minor additions like limiting use to a certain level or a set of actions that must be performed to obtain a weapon, they can refresh the atmosphere.

The developers promise six large locations and unprecedented freedom in the choice of ways to fulfill contracts, and we hope that Hitman 3 will truly surprise us with improved AI, new features, and unexpected plot twists.

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