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Games like Warface

Games like Warface

The online multiplayer shooter Warface boasts a large number of modes, a wide arsenal of weapons and equipment, and beautiful graphics. If you have studied all the content of the project and are looking for something similar in content and gameplay, then here is the most complete list of similar games.

Today, you can know the game Warface as a synonym to the word "Donut", but on release in 2013, it was very popular - especially in the CIS countries - free shooter over the network, which tore a lot of awards, and won the hearts of millions of viewers. Its developers (by the way, among them the Ukrainian studio Crytek Kiev) have proved that even a free game can be with excellent graphics and addictive gameplay.

In this collection, we have collected games that are similar to Warface in concept, gameplay, and other elements.


CrossFire came to us from South Korea, and it is a shareware shooter that boasts the largest online among similar projects (over 660 million registered accounts). The fact that the game is more than 13 years old is reminiscent of the graphics, but the picture is far from an indicator of quality.

Players, joining one of the two factions, wage fierce battles with each other in PvP modes, pump ranks, spend in-game currency in the in-game store - in general, they do the same things as in Warface.


An old-school network shooter, which, like CrossFire, does not boast of a modern picture, but has addictive gameplay. The game offers to choose one of three sides: "rebels", "peacekeepers" and "dinosaurs" endlessly fight in multiplayer PvP modes. And yes, there really are dinosaur skins. There is also a system of ranks and perks, and in the arsenal, the gamer will find over 140 weapons.


The original Combat Arms was released back in 2008, and its improved version of Reloaded (with smart graphics, balanced, with new content) visited PC in 2017, although in some moments the legacy of the original is visible.

It is also a first-person shooter game that focuses on multiplayer battles. The game boasts dynamics, as during the match players are invited to complete tasks that change on the go.


Released in 2009, COD: Modern Warfare 2 continues to be popular with players thanks to its excellent multiplayer experience. Technically, it differs from Warface - the shooting mechanics are different, and in general, the gameplay itself cannot be called very similar. But outwardly, this is also a first-person shooter, which will give unforgettable emotions from intense online shootings. You can also go through special operations in cooperative mode for 2 people.


Warface developers sometimes offer gamers to take a break from modern warfare and move into the near future. For example, in the special operation "Mars" the fighters went to the Red Planet and challenged the super-soldiers.

COD: Infinite Warfare sends gamers into the future, and also offers to enjoy the views of Mars with the whistle of ammunition. Technologies of the future went into battle, and the player is even allowed to sit at the helm of the spaceship. But at the same time, dynamic multiplayer shootings have not gone anywhere.


In Black Ops 4, the developers completely abandoned the single-player campaign in favor of multiplayer and battle royale. By the way, Warface also has Battle Royale.

In this part, the developers have removed automatic health regeneration, and you can play as characters from the previous parts of Black Ops, which have acquired unique skills. The Experiment received positive reviews from critics and gamers alike, making it yet another great multiplayer shooter.


Remembering Call of Duty, one cannot fail to mention the Battlefield series, which is also famous for its multiplayer. Like Warface, players will experience intense battles in various modes. However, the scale here is much larger, because the locations have where to roam, and for this, you can use various military equipment (fighters, tanks, helicopters ). Also, Battlefield 4 will delight the system of destructibility "Levolution", which allows you to demolish entire skyscrapers.


Escape from Tarkov is another online shooter, but this time - with RPG elements, hardcore gameplay, and MMO ideas. The plot of the game will send gamers to the fictional Russian town of Tarkov, in which there is a war between two militant organizations.

Escape from Tarkov has similarities to Warface in many game mechanics (shooting, graphics), but there are no session matches here. Instead, players will explore the open world, search for resources, engage in trade, and sometimes get into trouble with fighters from a hostile faction.


Returning to the classic multiplayer shooters, and next in line is Zula. The scenario is already familiar to you - the two groups are waging an endless war, which boils down to gunfights in different modes. The game boasts nice graphics, and the gameplay almost completely copies the infamous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Fear the Wolves

Fear the Wolves took classic online shootouts and mixed them with the battle royale genre. Players find themselves in the Chernobyl zone, which stretches over 25 square kilometers, and their tasks include not only battles with other players, but also finding equipment, as well as fighting anomalies and mutants. The implementation, judging by the reviews, let us down, but it's worth playing.

Hired Ops

Another session shooter in the collection, similar to Warface. Another doesn't mean bad.

Players will take part in combat operations that have unfolded on battle arenas in different parts of the world, fulfill contracts as a mercenary, and engage in pumping. Hired Ops also has a class system, and in the arsenal, there are over 80 types of weapons and over 100 modules for them.

Line of Sight

Line of Sight boasts a fairly detailed weapon customization system. The gun can be upgraded literally from all sides by attaching barrels, sights, grenade launchers, and other modules. Otherwise, this is a classic first-person shooter with acceptable graphics and mechanics, reminiscent of Warface.



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