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Drake Hollow Preview - Brawl Beyond the Fence

Drake Hollow game review

Drake Hollow is a cooperative survival game about teenagers who find themselves in a parallel world in order to save the Mandrake people from extinction - intelligent but completely defenseless plants hunted by predatory invaders. The game left a positive impression, and I will gladly share them in a small preview.

Developer: The Molasses Flood

Publisher: The Molasses Flood

Release date: 2020

Your character will be caught off guard by a talking raven. The bird tells you to follow her, and you will confidently go deep into the forest. According to the crow, on the other side of the thinning hedge is another reality called Hollow. Monsters have burst into its once beautiful world from outside, threatening to exterminate its magical inhabitants, and only you are able to stop them.

After a teenager steps through the threshold of a strange doorway, the storyline is divided into the stories of the Hollow, which you learn from the helpers and from the notes, and events that take place in parallel in your homeworld. The latter is served in the form of a comic after each transition to a new biome.

First of all, the players set up camp on a small island, which becomes the main reference point for the whole game - they will not be able to move to another opportunity.

There, on the island, you meet the first Mandrake - adorable tubers that will now live under your care, like pets. And you will have to contain them: feed them with mushrooms and berries, drink clean water or juice, entertain and organize a healthy sleep.

In return, the Mandrake people will share with you the resource necessary for construction, create items at your command, distribute positive effects, give you gifts, help collect stuff in the area, and later they will start working on special treadmills to provide the camp with electricity.

In addition, the number and age of tubers affect the level of your camp, and that, in turn, determines the number and quality of structures that can be built on the island. In order for the mandrake to grow up, he needs to bring several units of unique raw materials as a gift.

In their free time from caring for the wards, players move between small islands, where they collect valuable loot and fight monsters. The fight is as simple as possible: a small combo, a jump in a jump, a dash, and a block. As a weapon, teenagers use everything they find - from a broken electric guitar to a pneumatic pistol. You cannot craft equipment.

It is impossible to overcome the fog separating the islands without a special consumable created from crystal shards. It is enough for one player to light the saving "lantern", and the rest will be able to follow on their heels without fear.

Thus, the heroes gradually explore the biome, find new tubers, unlock recipes and clothes, and also establish special supply lines for valuable resources, which are especially difficult to get.

 A magpie lives in the camp, who willingly trades bricks or electronics for shiny things, but the best way is to stretch a thread of interconnected crystals from the van packed with valuables to the camp, which also saves time - teenagers can slide along it, quickly moving around the location.

Some islets are entangled with sinister roots. While they are there, the land is dominated by monsters. You will have to carefully explore the territory and destroy them all, for which you will be awarded a chest with gifts.

Once in a certain time, a wave of monsters attack the camp. A timer appears in the corner of the screen and the time drops sharply if you build something - the monsters hate everything that brings joy to the Mandrake. During the attack, your wards hide underground, and the monsters are trying to destroy buildings. Your task is to repel the attack, for which you will also receive a reward chest.

When all the assignments of the assistant are completed, and the biome is explored and devastated, you can perform a special ritual to fight the boss and move the island with all the good to a new location.

Drake Hollow is a very cozy game with warm graphics, a pleasant atmosphere, and uncomplicated gameplay, which is best played with your friends.

All collected resources can be made common by transferring them to special storage on the island, and support in the person of a friend with a hanger adapted for battle will come in handy during the next attack on the camp.

The Molasses Flood's new survival game will soon be available for purchase in digital stores, but in the meantime, you can track Drake Hollow on Steam or the Microsoft Store.

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