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Bounty Battle Review - Failed Crossover

Bounty Battle Game Review

The game makers at Dark Screen Games had a license for characters from the most famous indie games and an ambition to create a fighting game that rivals Super Smash Bros and Brawlhalla. Alas, the result of the work of the developers is only disappointment mixed with the desire to turn it off as soon as possible. Details are in the review.

Developer: Dark Screen Games

Publisher: Merge Games

Release date: September 10, 2020

According to the plot of the game, heroes from a variety of projects, including Guacamelee !, Darkest Dungeon, Dead Cells, Owlboy, Axiom Verge, Jotun, Pankapu, and many others, were pulled into the portal and thrown into the arena, where they now have to fight each other ... Already at this stage, problems begin: visual glitches symbolizing the failure of universes are entertaining for the first time, but repeated many times, only interfere and annoy.

I'm not one of those who value only graphics in games, but the graphics are terrible here

Such diverse heroes must be well balanced, have a set of techniques and counterattacks that are effective against any opponent. But not in the case of this game - some characters are stronger than others, and there is no point in choosing the obviously weak: with a high degree of probability they will be trampled by powerful rivals.

The fighters behave very sluggishly, they react with a delay to the commands of the gamepad, spend a long time performing techniques, the animations of which are interrupted by enemy attacks, and therefore the normal development of the combo becomes meaningless - a winning tactic is to randomly throw around the arenas with a spam of all buttons. The situation is aggravated by extremely weak optimization: the frame rate periodically drops to unplayable 3 fps, and you want not to continue the battle, but rather press Alt + F4 as soon as possible.

Regardless, the roster commands respect - indie fans will be delighted

Given the stellar origins of the Bounty Battle characters, expect to see some unique features borrowed from their games. And again, no: replace them with other fighters with swords, bows, and blasters - and you will not notice the difference. With rare exceptions: for example, the hero from Guacamelee! Summons chick minions who ... do nothing. Awesome waste.

Perhaps this game has interesting modes, a story campaign, an online multiplayer? Probably, the answer is already obvious - you will not find any of this in Bounty Battle. The tournament offers to pass the tests with the characters set by the game: because of the constant drops in the frame rate, they are not easy to complete, and as a reward, you will receive an alternative skin for the hero, which is similar to the base one, but made in a different color - not something worth fighting for.

After all the above, is bad localization worth mentioning?

In local multiplayer (no multiplayer here) you can play against other players and AI opponents, and it could be fun, but the combat system is broken, the arenas are very small, the interface is not intuitive and the gameplay is too chaotic.

We had to force myself to play Bounty Battle. This is a bad game that has wasted its potential. If you want a fighting game with interesting characters, download the free Brawlhalla - the game is available on all platforms, including mobile, or buy the perfect Super Smash Bros on Switch. This same crossover, to my great regret (unfortunately - because characters from the coolest indie games are collected here), should be forgotten and erased from history. Forever and ever.



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