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Avowed - everything that is known about the game

Avowed game

Avowed - the game

After Avowed blew up the Xbox Games Showcase with a short trailer on July 23, it immediately caught the attention of fans of open-world RPGs like Skyrim. Obsidian's latest RPG appears to follow the Elder Scrolls' high-fantasy approach to gaming, much like The Outer Worlds did with Fallout. But Avowed hides a lot more if you know it might be related to another long-standing Obsidian series, Pillars of Eternity. So, here's everything we know about Avowed.


No release date for Avowed has been announced yet. Obsidian is currently working on two DLCs for The Outer Worlds and Grounded. Therefore, the release of Avowed will probably have to wait some more time. At the moment, the most likely is the end of 2022.

According to the Avowed website, it will be playable on Xbox Series X and Windows 10, and will also be available on Xbox Game Pass. Obsidian Entertainment was acquired by Microsoft in November 2018. That is why all of the studio's games will always remain Microsoft exclusives.


A trailer for the game was presented at the Xbox Games Showcase. You can see it above.

It gave us a quick glimpse of Avowed's gameplay - we saw RPG elements from a first-person perspective. In addition, we have received direct confirmation that the game will take place in Eora - the world of the Obsidian Pillars of Eternity series. It is unclear exactly when exactly in its timeline the game will take place, but attentive fans have noticed the connection in such moments as the glyphs on the sword, which are written in Aedirian. This is the fictional language of the PoE universe.

During the translation, the name of the sword became known: Binding Oaths. This goes well with the constant mention of vows in the trailer.

The Pillars of Eternity connection

Beyond the general setting, fans are hoping Avowed will fill in the gaps in the Pillars of Eternity lore and be a prequel to the main series. Users of the Pillars of Eternity Reddit have identified small nuggets of lore. In addition to the name of the Binding Oath, on the flags of the castle, you can see the symbol of the goddess Voedica, who in some cultures is also called the Binding Oath.

The Aedir language on the sword is associated with the Aedir Empire, where Voedika is widely revered. This led many to conclude that Avowed would take place during the heyday of the Aedir Empire.

In previous games in the Pillars series, Voedica was a coming evil goddess seeking to regain her power and influence. The game, set at the height of its power, would be an interesting contrast for longtime Pillars fans. Some fans recognized the huge statues in the trailer for Galavane, the god of the hunt. Many are still trying to figure out the exact connection to the main Pillars series, and it's safe to say that Avowed has sparked a myriad of theories.

Similarities to Skyrim

From the very first announcement, parallels with Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series, in general, were noticeable. The trailer shows that the game uses a first-person RPG style reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls, especially a hand glowing with magic.

Bethesda series often ditch small details for greater story depth and immersion, but in Avowed we can see the opposite approach with a lot of attention to detail. Certain leaks lead to the conclusion that the hallmark of Avowed will be a world that more clearly reacts to the player's actions through the use of next-generation artificial intelligence systems.

The world of Skyrim in some ways revolved around the player's actions but gained more recognition for providing players with literally infinite challenges through procedurally generated gameplay.

Avowed leaks

As mentioned above, there are several leaks associated with Avowed. Their source is the user ResetEra with the nickname sponger. Judging by his data, this is what we can see in Avowed as we continue to implement the current plan:

·         Fully open world, much richer than Skyrim;

·         The main action takes place in the region of Eora called the Living Lands, mentioned but not represented in the Pillars of Eternity series;

·         Great attention to the interactivity of the world, lighting, and next-generation artificial intelligence systems (special attention to physics in the context of magic systems);

·         Real-time weather system;

·         Advanced character creation editor;

·         Support for mods is planned;

·         A huge number of factions, but with a completely different approach, not like in Skyrim;

·         You can take companions, but they will act differently from The Outer Worlds;

·         The plot will be associated with your confrontation with the impending threat of tyranny. It will be independent of the rest of the Pillars of Eternity lore;

·         Lots of boss fights, some of which will be larger than the player;

·         Considerable attention to architecture, in particular iconic landmarks, statues, and buildings;

·         Two big cities are planned and many small ones in their vicinity;

·         Great attention to the fauna and wildlife of the Eora, including rivers, mountains, and desert areas;

·         Avowed complements the well-known Pillars of Eternity lore without clarifying anything;

·         For those who like to kill, there will be an opportunity to kill any creature in the game, even key characters;

·         A team of 100 people has been working on Avowed for about two years. An increase in staff is planned in the future, most likely after the completion of work on additions to The Outer Worlds;

·         The estimated release date is currently slated for late 2022 or early 2023.


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