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Top games for weak PCs

Top games for weak PCs

In this article, you will find services that will make you no longer need to upgrade your computer, collections that present the bestgames in individual categories, as well as top games for weak PCs, which contains projects worthy of priority attention.


One of the most popular MMORPGs in the CIS, which has received popular recognition for hardcore PvP, an emphasis on teamwork, a developed role-playing system, as well as wide opportunities for players' socialization. You will have to fight in Lineage II not just a lot, but a lot, and in between large-scale and not-so-large battles, you can engage in participation in the political life of the game world, selling the accumulated loot and other interesting activities.


A network shooter in the spirit of Counter-Strike, which, due to extremely low system requirements, is suitable for very weak PCs, but at the same time produces a quite decent picture. Here, players have access to a large selection of modes and maps, an impressive arsenal of weapons, as well as a whole mountain of customization items, with which you can stand out among the faceless special forces and bandits. All this is complemented by incredibly dynamic gameplay.


A Korean MMORPG with beautiful graphics, a huge world, and spectacular landscapes that can be admired from a bird's eye view - one of the main features of Aion is the system of flying on its own wings. The visual beauties are accompanied by an epic storyline, a wide range of classes and professions, and advanced PvP.


Another MMORPG on our list that boasts a strong focus on PvP combat. PK (player killer) is encouraged here, so battles between players unfold literally everywhere, not counting cities that have become a safe zone. Moreover, the scale of the battles is limited only by the desires of gamers: you can challenge an opponent to a duel, or you can take part in a massive siege of the castle, earning pleasant bonuses for yourself and your clan. In general, if you value online games for the opportunity to fight with real people and not bots, R2 Online will be the perfect option for you.


Mobile version of the acclaimed "Battle Royale", which can be played on a PC via an Android emulator. Everything here is like in the "older" PUBG: 100 participants on one map, weapons, and equipment scattered across the location, a gradually narrowing zone, a battle to the last survivor. The game differs from the computer version only in more modest graphics and a modified interface.


The online shooter from Valve, which has become a recognized classic of the genre. An endless war between the Red and Blue teams generously seasoned with great humor and dynamic gameplay. A time-tested set of classes, a huge selection of modes and maps, thousands of incredible situations that players themselves are constantly generating. Yes, and of course, hats.


The iconic cube sandbox that has conquered millions of minds around the world. Everything is interesting in Minecraft: surviving, exploring the world, crafting items, fighting enemies, and also creating - creating a wide variety of objects, the sizes, and shapes of which are limited only by the players' imagination. Such an extensive list of possibilities provided the creators of the game with huge profits and led to the appearance of many clones, none of which, however, could surpass the progenitor.


MMORPG from domestic developers in an unusual setting where anime style and European flavor are intricately intertwined. Royal Quest is both fun and hardcore, contains a wide range of activities, and attracts with a pretty picture. If you love Diablo games, but want more socialization than Blizzard's brainchild offers, then don't miss this project - it can probably give you what you need.


Space MMO-action from the authors of War Thunder, which offers, in general, the same, but in a sci-fi setting. The world of the game is large but cramped, so battles unfold in it literally at every turn. You will have to participate in them, taking command of your own starship. And in-between space battles, you can delve into the hangar to your heart's content, customizing and customizing your ships - there are more than enough spare parts, guns, and decorations.


A game for hard-core strategists in which you will build and develop a fortress to become the richest and most influential lord in the area. To achieve the goal, all means are good: influence your neighbors politically, economically or militarily, seize territories, set unaffordable taxes for your subjects - in general, get an unforgettable experience of the life of a medieval ruler.


One of the best free MMORPGs for PC, offering for very modest system requirements to plunge into the exciting fantasy universe "Forgotten Kingdoms", borrowed from the Dungeon & Dragons board game. The world in the game is represented by the majestic city of Neverwinter and its surroundings, which are regularly exposed to various dangers. A huge bestiary of mobs, unforgettable bosses, dungeons full of traps and treasures, exciting quests, and legendary artifacts - all this awaits the brave adventurers in Neverwinter.


The legendary competitive shooter of 2000, which has already gone through 2 reincarnations (Counter-Strike: Source in 2004 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012), but still remains one of the most popular online FPS. You just need to decide on which side you will fight - for terrorists or counter-terrorists - and go to rescue the hostages or plant a bomb.


A free multiplayer role-playing game that opens to users the amazing and painfully familiar world of Middle-earth, recreated exactly according to the books of the outstanding British writer J.R.R. Tolkien. Well, since the game was released back in 2012, today you can run it without any problems even on the most hopelessly outdated PC with modest system resources.


NEXTRP is an RPG based on GTA SAMP multiplayer. True, there are practically no similarities with the original - the developers have reworked the interface, map, character animation, cars, and much more. The player is invited to play the role of an ordinary resident of Russia and rise from scratch, having a small amount in his pocket at the start.

The essence of the game boils down to playing various roles. As in life, first, the hero must get a passport, and then he can work, learn a license and buy a car, serve in government agencies, take the path of a criminal and do many other things. The gameplay is built on social interaction - even the shyest gamer can find his place in this gaming society.


A hardcore RPG that is a searing mix of science fiction and fantasy. The player will have to side with one of three warring factions, create a character and go to explore the open world.

The plot, pumping, mining, and questing are not surprising here, but the PvP system is of interest. Players will replay hot battles between three factions, and in this war all means are good - you can help the guilds or, conversely, betray them. Simply put, if you're looking for an MMORPG with fun PvP, then welcome to RF Online.


Sphere 3 - MMORPG from domestic developers. This is a continuation of the popular series, which is one of the oldest on the Russian market.

On the one hand, the game offers all the same activities as other projects of the genre (open world, quests, exploration of locations). On the other hand, just like RF online, it contains PvP-oriented gameplay that includes epic castle sieges. The number of players in battles is unlimited, and you can use various strategies, huge siege weapons, and much more. As a result, in Sphere 3 you can take part in truly epic battles.


Browser strategy. Standing at the head of one of the most powerful nations, players will be able to rewrite the history of World War II. You have to fight other players on the global map, using various tactics (brute force, weapons of mass destruction, diplomacy, and so on) to seize territories and defend your lands.

Among the features of Call of War, one can single out: a lot of scenarios and maps, an extensive technology tree, various types of terrain with their own characteristics, and the movement of troops in real-time. The whole story will fit right in your browser - such games are a priori undemanding to system requirements (if they do not have 3D graphics).


Co-op shooter from Valve, forcing 4 players to join forces in search of salvation in the face of a sudden zombie apocalypse. Or, on the contrary, get into the skin of one of several unique game mutants and hunt for other players.

Asymmetric multiplayer, a strong end of the world atmosphere with hordes of the living dead everywhere, a successful combination of the first-person shooter, horror, and survival - all this brought the Left 4 Dead franchise incredible popularity among gamers, which does not subside until now.

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