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The Glory of the Past: The Best Historical PC Games

The Best Historical PC Games

A selection of the best computer games based on real historical events and entire eras of the past. The list includes all genres with the exception of strategies, which we have devoted a separate article.

Computer games may well become full-fledged teaching aids in a variety of disciplines, including history. Moreover, such precedents have already taken place. But despite this, today they remain for the most part a great form of entertainment or a significant addition to a favorite hobby. For example, fans of hunting or fishing can while away the time with the corresponding simulators, sports fans - with games about football, hockey and others, and connoisseurs of weapons and martial arts can immerse themselves in any of the countless military shooters.

It's the same with historical games that are widely featured on the PC. Among them there are projects of various genres, dedicated to different historical eras and differing in the level of historical reliability. Best of all, this direction is represented by strategies that allow you to plunge deeply into an interesting period of the past and get a lot of interesting information along with pleasant impressions. However, we already wrote about historical RTS and TBS earlier, and you can familiarize yourself with this material here at this link.

Therefore, this time we decided to talk about the most interesting historical games on PC of all other genres (including tactical games), selecting projects with the maximum historical accuracy and objectivity. And also games in which fiction, although present, is reduced to a minimum, and they themselves perfectly convey the atmosphere of the presented era through a plausible demonstration of the way of life, life, architecture , traditions, relationships, as well as other phenomena and images of the past.

Assassin's Creed Series

Our TOP opens the game, which is far from impeccable in terms of historicity. Let's face it, the plot of each part is pure fiction and fantasy, which the developers do not even try to hide, but, on the contrary, are presented as an important feature. And, nevertheless, the atmosphere of each individual era in the Assassin's Creed games and all the nuances associated with it deserve the highest praise for the quality of their implementation. As well as the plot, characters (very often real-life in world history), gameplay, graphics and much more. It is not for nothing that the Assassin's Creed line is one of the leaders in the modern gaming industry.

Battlefield 1

Games of different genres about the Second World War continue to come out with enviable regularity, but there are not so many worthy projects in the setting of the First World War. And Battlefield 1 is one of them. The developers managed to reliably show all the horrors of one of the bloodiest and most violent conflicts of the twentieth century, handing the players authentic weapons and equipment. The single player campaign received mixed reviews, but the multiplayer battles are at their best.

World of Tanks

To the delight of "tankers" in 2014, historical battles appeared in World of Tanks, taking place in the modes "Standard battle", "Encounter battle" and "Assault". The key difference between historical battles is that players can only use the techniques that were used in the actual battle. Naturally, the scenarios correspond to the historical battles.

La noire

LA Noire is an atmospheric detective story set in Los Angeles in the late 40s of the last century. The main character returned from the war and decided to continue his career in the police - starting with thefts, he will get to the homicide department. At the same time, many cases are based on real events, and investigations use the same methods used by the police of the time.

Mafia Series

The games of the Mafia series are absolutely fictional in terms of the plot. Besides, not all parts of the series are unambiguously good. But they perfectly demonstrate such a dark, "criminal" spot in the history of mankind as the activities of the mafia. And in general, they remarkably convey the special atmosphere of life in America in the 30-50s of the last century.

Call of Juarez Series

The Wild West theme is very well represented in modern computer games, and we even have a separate collection for it. But the most striking and interesting among the abundance of cowboy games, in our opinion, is the Call of Juarez series from Techland. These are really very entertaining and exciting shooters, skillfully balancing between artistic performance in the best traditions of westerns and the principles of historicity.


A cruel and beautiful slasher about a Roman legionary. Anyone interested in the setting of Ancient Rome and in particular attracted by the image of its invincible army - welcome to Ryse: Son of Rome!

Way of the Samurai Series

A series of adventure action games about samurai, which takes as a basis the entourage of medieval Japan, but does not strive to be historically accurate in everything, and even more so does not try to impose the direction of action on the player through a strict scenario based on the events of the past. An open world and complete freedom of action - a kind of analogue of GTA in ancient oriental scenery. Also, lovers of ancient Japanese culture can recommend the Dynasty Warriors series.

Expeditions: Viking

A 2017 project from the independent studio Logic Artists, which unexpectedly well showed contemporaries the life of the Vikings through a video game. Expeditions: Viking combines historicism and superbly crafted RPG and strategy elements, giving the player the opportunity to lead their own Viking clan, determining their military, trade and other policies.

Medal of Honor Series

We return to the topic of World War II, and this time we will turn our eyes to the Western Front. If the presence of real historical places and battles in the game is not of paramount importance for you, but you are more interested in entourage and entertainment, then the Medal of Honor series is definitely your choice. In general, the Medal of Honor line is quite diverse and includes games about other military conflicts, but it is WWII that is most characteristic and vividly represented for it.

The first Templar

No historical selection is unthinkable without games about crusades and spiritual knightly orders! And as such, we offer you The First Templar, which allows you to discover a lot of curious things about the life of the members of the Order of the Templars. Of course, one should not expect absolute historical accuracy from this game, but it diligently demonstrates the basic orders and structure of European life in the 13th century.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

A wonderful tactical game, the gameplay principles of which are in many ways similar to the Commandos series. But the setting for Shadow Tactics is completely different and is dedicated to medieval Japan. In the center of events is a detachment of saboteurs, which one of the local rulers hires to fight their opponents.

Rising Storm Series

A line of multiplayer shooters that stand out from the Red Orchestra series and is dedicated to already different military conflicts. Rising Storm (2013) tells about the battles in the Pacific region that unfolded here in 42-45. Between the US Army and the Imperial Japanese Army. And its sequel, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam (2017), is associated with the Vietnam War in 1957-1975.

Commandos Series

The legendary and unique series of games about the Second World War, which combines elements of action, stealth and tactics. The player controls a squad of elite fighters, each of which has a unique specialization and is called upon to perform specific tasks in the deep enemy's rear.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

A historical role-playing game that tells about the adventures of the son of a blacksmith in the lands of Bohemia - the heart of Medieval Europe, washed by the blood of internecine strife of the local feudal lords. A large open world and a detailed medieval setting, a classless role-playing system, a unique authentic battle system and many other joys - all this awaits players in Kingdom Come. It is believed that at the moment it is the best historical first-person game on PC. At least among RPGs.

IL-2 Sturmovik

The best flight simulator dedicated to the air battles of the Great Patriotic War. The game includes a huge number of planes, maps and scenarios, as well as many mods created by fans (which can be officially downloaded as special add-ons). IL-2 Sturmovik evokes admiration not only for the historical accuracy of the proposed campaigns, but also for the technical side of the implementation of all aircraft models presented here.

Help will come tomorrow

Help Will Come Tomorrow is an unusual strategic survival simulator set at the dawn of the October Revolution. The game tells about a group of passengers who were lucky enough to survive a train wreck in the Siberian taiga. Although luck soon turns into a downside, the heroes need to survive together, despite class differences.

The game touches upon a rather interesting period in the history of pre-Soviet Russia - the presence of three social classes enhances the atmosphere of what is happening. Gamers will have to solve not only the usual things for the genre (looking for food, exploring territories, expanding the camp), but also study the character and stories of the characters subordinate to him, as well as overcome various differences between the heroes.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Adventure action A Plague Tale: Innocence takes players back to the distant past, in the XIV century, when France and other European countries were ravaged by the Plague. In the role of the girl Amicia, the player will have to overcome a lot of dangers and take care of the younger brother Hugo, who is still too young to understand what is happening in the world.

What dangers await the gamer - and hordes of rats that gnaw a person in a couple of seconds, and inquisitors that, for some unknown reason, are chasing the main characters. The game has a deep plot, gloomy scenery of an endangered France and interesting game situations.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

The adventure platformer Valiant Hearts: The Great War has won the hearts of players on release. You will learn the story of 5 people who were not lucky enough to catch the First World War. Moreover, the focus is not on the super-soldiers that shoot enemies right and left, but on ordinary people: an American volunteer, a nurse, a Frenchwoman, a German soldier and a Frenchman.

The gameplay includes puzzle solving and action scenes. Sometimes the heroes will meet with each other to overcome obstacles together. The game raises an abundance of life and philosophical themes and perfectly reveals the role of a little man in a war.

War of rights

The multiplayer action game War of Rights touches on an unpopular era in the gaming industry - the period of the American Civil War (in particular, the Battle of Antiitem), which happened in 1862. Controlling the character from the first person, the player will take part in battles for 150 users at the same time, try on the form of that era and try out an old, but time-tested weapon.

We warn you that War of Rights is not Call of Duty. The game focuses on realism - the execution of orders, combat movement and other details may not appeal to casual gamers, but if you are ready for such non-standard and authentic battles, then welcome!

Four last things

An unusual point-and-click quest set during the Renaissance. This period was of world significance in the history of culture, because it was then that painting, literature, music, dance and many other spheres were seriously developed. And therefore, the graphics in the game are like a revived picture.

The gameplay takes only an hour and a half, but during this time the gamer will go on an exciting adventure in order to find out how the Four Last Things (Death, Heaven, Hell and Judgment) are connected. It is worth noting the presence of black humor - despite the theme, the developers do not miss the opportunity to joke.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Online game dedicated to knightly battles. Here players will find several exciting modes and authentic arenas, an impressive set of unique classes of fighters with a choice of weapons, as well as an impressive battle system with its brutality and dynamism. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is not based on any historical events, but it perfectly conveys the noble spirit of chivalry and allows you to feel the fierce atmosphere of a medieval battle.

Red Orchestra Series

The series, included in the list of the best tactical shooters about World War II , allows you to look at it from the perspective of both sides of the conflict. The developers have made a lot of efforts to recreate the key battles of the Second World War, as accurately and fully transferring into the game both the theater of war and all the types of equipment and weapons used in them.

Realism and historicism are not limited to appearance: all parameters of technology, weapon ballistics, aiming features, as well as many other aspects important for combat have also been recreated as close as possible to their original prototypes.

Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc

An old action game (released in 2004) with elements of strategy and RPG, the events of which will take players to medieval Europe with its endless battles and uprisings. Of course, the battle mechanics and graphics in Wars and Warriors are unlikely to cause joy and admiration, but there is a deep historical plot in it, showing the bloody and heroic events of the "Hundred Years War" between France and England.

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