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The best graphics mods for Fallout 4

best graphics mods for Fallout 4

Fallout 76 received a lot of criticism, which was mostly deserved. Many players, having first tried to play the new part of the series, did only one thing: they immediately deleted it and re-launched Fallout 4 to get rid of the unpleasant aftertaste.

Once again, walking through the Wasteland and looking at the same old textures and blurry color palette, players realized that they were "stuck" in the Commonwealth for at least another six years, and that the title needed to be revived a little.

That's why we reached out to the community to find something that makes the game clearer, more engaging, and in some cases even different! We found many great add-ons - ENB, ReShaders, as well as improved textures and effects, which we'll talk about next.

We provide you with a list of the coolest graphics mods for Fallout 4.


We start our list with a small but useful change that enhances your character's impact on the environment by allowing Pip-Boy's lanterns to cast shadows, making the game more realistic. This also applies to the lantern on the character's head, which makes exploring dark areas completely different.


The modder ZorkyTheDude is a fan of Martin Scorsese and is especially fond of cinematography in The Aviator.

This mod aims to bring just that to the world of Fallout 4 by highlighting the red and blue colors that increase their saturation and give the Wasteland a new look. The add-on doesn't make the game world more realistic, but it's definitely a great way to refresh Fallout 4 if you've been playing it long enough.


Have you ever noticed that no one talks about the sky and clouds in Fallout? This is because they are unremarkable, and the Radiant Clouds and Fogs mod is working on it.

Thanks to the modder Mangaclub, you can replace boring vanilla clouds with something more realistic, adding depth and character to the Commonwealth skies. Also, the mod changes the fog, making it look thicker and more realistic.


Immersive First Person Settings by Ppomme is one of the most experimental mods on our list. It aims to dramatically improve the first person camera.

The modification replaces the first-person camera with a modified third-person camera, allowing you to see the legs and arms of the character, as well as cast a shadow. Great for realism and immersion in the game world.



Some people prefer mods that contain minor improvements without breaking the spirit and the original feel of the game. Raz3d is one of them, as it created the ENB, which makes Wasteland look brighter than the default blurry look of the game. Of course, we are dealing with the apocalypse and all that, but after all, more than 200 years have passed!


Water is one of the things that should definitely not be overlooked in any Bethesda game . Yes, the developers are doing their best using the resources they have, but the water in Fallout 4 looks fake and very simple compared to other graphical achievements (like in Skyrim, for example).

The mod from user Mangaclub promises to add better reflection, opacity and generally improve the waters of the Commonwealth, with minimal impact on performance. After installing the mod, you will notice that the water no longer looks like some kind of blue goo, and the transition between water and land will also be less abrupt.


When playing the same video game over and over, users usually require it to be visually stimulating so that the title constantly grabs attention, and eye exposure is the best way to do this.

This is why it makes sense to change the blurry visuals in Fallout 4, and this is possible thanks to NexusMods user CoolWave101z. The mod makes Wasteland more attractive and even fantasy-like with brighter colors, lush greenery and shining water. This doesn't fit the game's lore, but makes the Commonwealth a great place to live.


If you prefer a moody, atmospheric Wasteland rather than shiny graphics, Vogue ENB is the place to be. The GameVogue modder focused on enhancing immersion by tweaking the depth of field, improving color grading, and tweaking anti-aliasing options. With this mod, nights become darker, textures look sharper, and the color palette is more realistic. The best part is that the add-on has almost no effect on the FPS rate.


Another mod worth considering if you're looking to improve Fallout 4 without sacrificing performance is Anamorfus' Enhanced Lights and FX. The mod rebuilds all light sources and their associated effects, increasing the number of light sources that cast shadows, and in the dark the player will have to use a flashlight. Changes of this kind make the game more complex and realistic, and the interiors are darker.


Sometimes, something as simple as changing the textures of the sky can turn the night time of the game into a truly immersive experience. The mod is a port of 4K Stars and Galaxies for Skyrim, replacing the night sky textures with 4K images of the Milky Way. This not only looks amazing, but also realistic, because 200 years after civilization ceases to exist, there will be practically no artificial lighting and air pollution.


If you're not afraid to move away from the artistic style of the base game, then Enhanced Color Correction is worth a look. The mod makes Wasteland more vibrant by improving contrast and color quality, which essentially makes the game less blurry. Characters also look slightly better due to the slight red tinge on their skin, and shadows and highlights have more impact on the look of the game.


Darker Nights by Unforbidable is one of the most recommended mods for installing on the Nexus. It's just awesome and doesn't affect your FPS at all.

The add-on makes the Commonwealth and the premises darker at night to such an extent that you simply cannot do without a flashlight. As a reminder, the night in the original game is essentially a constant full moon. This may be a small change, but it will significantly improve the experience and remind you of the dangers that await the player in the dark nooks.


After installing Darker Nights, it's time to get into the lighting.

Among the mods of this kind, it is worth highlighting Ultra Interior Lighting by Gargorias, which takes full advantage of the engine's capabilities for casting unlimited shadows, adding much more to each interior area, mostly manually. This, of course, will have a detrimental effect on performance, but if you have a powerful PC, it would be foolish not to try installing this mod.

Ultra Exterior Lighting

Ultra Exterior Lighting does the same as the previous mod, but with outdoor areas. The mod works great when paired with Darker Nights as it makes Wasteland a much more immersive and realistic place to explore. It's amazing how much work the modder put into swapping out the lights himself with those that cast shadows.

Ultra-Low Graphics Tool

Many users cannot play demanding games due to the weak characteristics of their computers. To help those experiencing this problem, we recommend installing the Ultra-Low Graphics Tool from Lyzik.

The mod does not increase the Fallout settings to the maximum, but, on the contrary, minimizes them, which will allow any user to launch the game. Lower quality shadows, turned off lights, short draw distances, and turning off a lot of post-processing effects are tools to dramatically increase performance on a slower PC.

FO4 Blurriness Remover


FO4 Blurriness Remover from LasagnaTheories removes the blur effect that is applied to anything far away, as well as during the movement of the character. This will make the game much clearer without losing FPS.

The enhancer

Another option for users whose computers meet the recommended or minimum specifications. Enhancer promises to improve graphics with minimal performance loss. The add-on optimizes textures and makes a few more tweaks, making the game look more natural and colorful.

Photorealistic Commonwealth

However, given that it's already 2020 and Fallout 4 came out in 2015, chances are high that your system is far superior to what the base game requires, and you're eager to push everything to the limit.

This is where Looping's Photorealistic Commonwealth comes to the rescue, which uses custom shaders and tweaked post-processing parameters to make Wasteland as realistic as possible. The aim of the mod is to make your screenshots indistinguishable from real photos. In addition, it also includes an in-game user guide and settings interface.

WET - Water Enhancement Textures

Even if the previous mod did not squeeze the maximum from your PC, then you should pay attention to WET. Water Enhancement Textures by SparrowPrince is a real work of art, as the mod improves the appearance of water by changing its textures to more elaborate ones.

This gives water bodies more fluidity and movement, making them not only realistic but also stunningly beautiful in general. In addition, the add-on improves the quality of fog, haze and spray textures, as well as waterfall models. The results are impressive.

Uber Fidelity Suite

Some mods are so good that they are suitable for several games at once.

This includes the Uber Fidelity Suite, one of the most popular graphics mods for The Witcher 3 ... which has been carried over to Fallout 4. The expansion stays true to Bethesda's artistic direction and playstyle, and unlocks its full potential. The mod gives the game a new level of graphical fidelity unattainable by any other means, and opens your eyes to a whole new world of details that you never knew existed.

Uber Fidelity Suite makes the game very cinematic, but the effects go beyond beautiful landscapes and also apply to battles. You will definitely need a high-end PC for this mod.

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