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Games like Cuphead Full Versions

Games like Cuphead Full Versions

The unusual platformer Cuphead touches with its visual design but also challenges the hardcore gameplay. If you've already defeated all the bosses in Cuphead and are looking for something similar, then in this collection you will surely find the games that suit you.


Cuphead is a 2D run and gun platformer inspired by old games and cartoons from the 60s. It is influenced by legendary series such as Mega Man and Mega Man X, which pioneered the 2D shooter genre. Unlike the original Mega Man, Mega Man X had a more serious and mature storyline. This does not mean a dark, dark story at all, but rather a deeper disclosure of the characters.

Mega Man X has classic run and gun gameplay, so Cuphead fans will immediately notice the similarities. As the game progresses, you can run, jump, and shoot to break through to the next stage. Mega Man X forces you to fight a huge number of enemies, but you can complete levels and fight bosses in any order. Cuphead has a different setting and other mechanics, but given that the run and gun genre would not exist without the Mega Man series, then Mega Man X (which is rightfully considered the best in the entire franchise) will definitely suit your taste.


Cave Story is an incredibly challenging 2D adventure game from the highly acclaimed indie developer Nicalis. You control the main character with amnesia, who wakes up in a cave and learns the story of the evil doctor.

Cave Story, just like Cuphead or Mega Man, is a run and gun adventure game in which you navigate through a cave system. The only noticeable difference between the two is that in Cave Story, you will have to solve puzzles as you progress, which are so badly lacking in Cuphead.

Along the way, you can pick up weapons and switch between different types of weapons. Sometimes, after defeating an enemy, you will receive an experience that can be spent to improve weapons (there are 3 levels in total). But if you take damage, then you run the risk of losing experience and lowering the level of weapons, which will further increase the complexity of the game. Unlike Cuphead, Cave Story focuses on storytelling and exploration, but with all that, they have a lot more similarities than you might think.


Yes, Super Meat Boy is never a shooter and yet it looks a lot like Cuphead. The same crazy complex, made in a retro style and requiring high precision character control. Super Meat Boy's gameplay quickly turns into a real frenzy, due to the gradually increasing speed of what is happening and the increasing complexity of the levels.

You control a character named Meat Boy, whose task is to avoid all kinds of circular saws, needles, and other traps in order to reach the end. The controls are really flexible, you can jump, dodge, and even slide along walls. Despite the fact that there is no shooting in Super Meat Boy, it is an incredibly difficult platformer that looks a lot like Cuphead.



Spelunky is another game known for its difficulty. You control a young speleologist who is exploring caves and looking for treasures. At the very beginning, the levels are procedurally generated and grouped into four zones with a gradually increasing level of difficulty. In the course of the passage, you can fight snakes, bats, man-eating plants, and other enemies, solve various puzzles.

In some cases, you may stumble upon merchants from whom you can buy or steal the necessary items. If you decide to take the treasure without paying, then in the future, shopkeepers will turn into stronger enemies, so be careful. While there is no shooting in Spelunky, it's an incredibly challenging 2D platformer with interesting gameplay that resembles Cuphead.


While it's not easy to find similarities between Ikaruga and Cuphead at first glance, they still have a lot in common. Especially when it comes to the in-flight boss battles. In Cuphead, you had to dodge enemy shells and other attacks flying at you. This is what constitutes the gameplay of the incredibly complex Ikaruga, which is a prominent representative of the “bullet hell” genre.

Ikaruga's gameplay focuses on polarity reversal mechanics. Only bullets of opposite polarity can destroy the player's ship. You control a pilot named Shinra, who fights against a representative of the enemy nation, the character Ikaruga. He can switch between black and white polarities, simultaneously destroying enemies. Ikaruga has a top view, not a side view like in Cuphead. In doing so, she uses the same idea of dodging bullets and speeding up the destruction of enemies.


Like Mega Man, Contra was heavily influenced by a 2D run and gun games. If you are looking for something similar to Cuphead, you can play any part of the Contra series, but The Alien Wars is considered the best. It is also available on the SNES Classic and through the Nintendo Virtual Console for Wii, Wii U, and New Nintendo 3DS systems. In Contra III, you face off against an alien invasion by the same race that you faced in previous installments of the series. The classic run and gun gameplay are very similar to Cuphead, in addition, there are also three levels of difficulty: easy, normal, and hard.

Due to the fact that you can immediately choose the appropriate level of difficulty, the gameplay changes a lot. For example, at the highest possible level, bosses have new types of attacks. While the game has plenty of gunfights, the Contra III is variable and has a variety of level design, allowing you to climb and climb over various ledges. In addition to the usual battles, you can take part in exciting motorcycle chases and even ride a rocket. Contra is another game that strongly resembles Cuphead.


The next two games on our list do not belong to the 2D run and gun genre. However, they have a lot in common with Cuphead in terms of game design. Furi is a hack-and-slash shooter with a focus on boss fights, just like Cuphead. Therefore, the difficulty of the game will grow as you progress. Each battle is a "wild dance" in which you have to dodge enemy attacks, look for the right moment to retaliate against the enemy. In addition, Furi also has QTE scenes that add variety to the gameplay. Like Cuphead, Furi has an incredibly high difficulty and does not forgive the player for mistakes. If you want to win, then get ready to master the skill of fighting.

Of course, Furi also has a storyline. You control the Wanderer, a mysterious person who has been tortured for a long time in a highly developed prison. At the very beginning, a mysterious stranger in a rabbit mask frees you, gives you a sword, a pistol, and calls you to fight for your freedom. And while the gameplay of Furi is completely boss fights, you can also freely explore the available locations, learning other plot details from the dialogue.


Titan Souls differs from Cuphead in that it uses a top view instead of a side view. As in Furi, its gameplay consists entirely of boss battles, although there are some peculiarities. In some ways similar to the Shadow of The Colossus aesthetic, Titan Souls invites you to explore ancient ruins and fight giant mysterious creatures. The bottom line is that you only have one arrow at your disposal. And although each boss can be killed in one shot, you still need to get close to him, dodging retaliatory attacks.

The good news is that after a bad shot you can run up and grab your arrow, although it won't be that easy. All this significantly increases the complexity of the game, and each boss turns into a real puzzle. Do not hesitate, in the process of passing you will definitely have time to die a couple of times before you defeat all the enemies. The increased difficulty of Titan Souls and the gameplay itself will definitely be appreciated by all Cuphead fans.

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