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Fairy Tail game review

What do you think, if according to the plot one of the heroes confronts the villain for a long time, and then finds out that he is in fact his younger brother, moreover ... a long-dead one, is this a Mexican horror series that went off the rails, or is it an ordinary anime? The correct answer is, of course, regular anime. Namely, the fairly popular manga Fairy Tail, made in the shonen subgenre - that is, for boys of puberty. Although in fact the manga itself, of course, is not about that.

An anime television series, eight OVA episodes (that is, exclusively designed for video media), and two full-length animated films were released in Japan based on Fairy Tail. There were also games - but for a long time also on pocket consoles. And now all Fairy Tail fans have their own Final Fantasy. It's a pity, her tail was cut off...

Makarov School

The authors of the video-game Fairy Tail from Gust Co (a division of Koei Tecmo) did not reinvent the wheel and retell the plot of the original. That is, we are talking about the fictional kingdom of Fiore, where magicians play a huge role - they unite in guilds to fulfill orders, make money on it and become the best.

The main characters are members of the titular guild "Fairy Tail", among which Lucy Heartfilia, who escaped from the house, with big ... eyes and the ability to summon spirits, stands out; Ice Mage Gray Fullbuster; the sorceress Elsa Scarlet; and dragon slayer Natsu Dragneel, who is looking for his dragon foster father. Natsu travels around Fiore with a flying cat named Happy.

And the head of the guild is ... a dwarf by the last name (or first name?) Makarov. In general, a typical anime, it is useless to comment on something...

Closed for seven years

And for some reason, the authors of the game started this story not from the beginning, but somewhere in the middle, from the arch of Tenrou Island. There was such a powerful battle between our guild and the opposing demonic group "Heart of the Grimoire" (more precisely, with its master Hades) that it attracted the attention of an evil, black, and very powerful dragon Acnologia, who wanted to destroy everyone.

However, the founder of Fairy Tail created a spell that put our heroes in stasis for seven years - so they survived the dragon's attack, but lost their status as one of the most influential guilds in Fiore. Because when they returned home seven years later, they found that everyone had forgotten about them, there was no money and in general, they had to start all over again.

Private business

Further, of course, there will be many events associated primarily with the main villain of the manga, the immortal sorcerer Zeref, who was very offended by Fairy Tail for involuntarily calling Acnologia. However, you have to start by completing simple assignments from the order board in order to earn the first money, develop the guild, and increase its rating, rising from the very bottom, so to speak, of the tournament table - and here competitions between guilds are periodically held.

Quests, of course, are simple - to clear the location, kill so many, find a stolen package, or lost in the forest. But periodically during their implementation, situations arise related to the relationship between guild members - for example, the eternal confrontation between the fire magician Natsu and ice Gray is played out.

In addition, the game has many personal quests for members of Fairy Tail, the completion of which allows you to make characters friends and periodically include them in the main squad. Or, these tasks increase the character's rating ceiling (not to be confused with levels).

Fairy Tail game review

So, these missions also have a lot of funny personality moments. Either Natsu, out of hunger, sees a delicious fish in Lucy (with the help of Happy's cat, of course), then cold Gray fights off Juvia's next courtship.

Then Lucy learns about the death of her father, whom she seems to have never loved, but he, it turns out, has been writing to her all these years. Then Kanna admits to one of the guild masters that he is her dad (yes, we again remember the Mexican series), and he begins to wonder who the daughter could have appeared from.

There is also an opportunity to communicate with characters on behalf of different heroes, thus increasing the level of their friendship - this increases the effectiveness of interaction between them during combo attacks. And in such conversations, there are also many interesting situations and stories. All this, of course, is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and in any case, opens the second layer of the story, gives it versatility, a great personal accent.

But all this is true for fans, but newcomers, for whom the story began in the middle, at first will be in some bewilderment and guesswork - they do not know why Lucy did not love her father and why Kanna has been looking for her dad for so long. In addition, some characters that are important for the plot are either missing or have not received a model or voice acting - sometimes we have to literally communicate with air or a wall, reading the text of the dialogues. Even fans of the universe admit that this creates holes in the plot - and what can we say about those who are just beginning to get acquainted with this universe?

The guild is our home...

The gameplay itself is quite traditional for the JRPG. We run, we carry out numerous quests, among which, as you understand, there are many routine ones for grinding. We pump the guild rating in order to climb the table and activate plot events. There are also assignments from ordinary NPCs found on the street, but they all exclusively ask to bring so many certain items in exchange for Lacrima crystals (more on them later).

In battles, we automatically increase the levels of characters for free and automatically, and for completing quests from the board we get not only coins but also points for which you can raise the rating of a particular hero. This improves magic combos in their performance, opens up additional slots for equipment, and gives some effects.

By the way, the equipment is not the usual armored bras and other armor, but the aforementioned Lacrima crystals. All of them give different bonuses, increases to characteristics, unique effects for characters, and so on. We receive lacrima as a reward for victories in battles and for completing quests, or we can synthesize it in the guild's laboratory.

True, first you have to build it, and then you also need to pump it. We are also building and improving a store at the base And an order board in order to receive more complex and profitable tasks. For this, not only funds are needed, but also special ingredients.

... And magic is everything!

In turn-based battles, as you already understood, the emphasis is on magic - ordinary attacks are rarely used. Each hero practices his own type of witchcraft, to which the enemies can be more or less resistant or generally immune. Therefore, when we face problems, we have to change characters on the base and select more suitable for specific opponents. All magical attacks are naturally spectacularly animated.

Especially powerful are magic combos in which all the characters participate, and we have to press the right buttons. The effectiveness of combos depends on the leveling of those who participate in them. Magic combos can be used when the special Fairy Gauge meter is full. Having inflicted maximum damage in this way, you can destroy obstacles in the location in order to go to a previously inaccessible place and find some kind of chest.

In addition, during the battle, "extreme" magic from the guild masters is triggered with a certain chance. The worse the case, the higher the chance that they will come to the rescue.

More money and time for all this

In general, everything is done pretty well. The plot in Fairy Tail is interesting, with its intrigues, non-trivial moves, and uneasy relationships between the characters - it's not without reason that manga is considered popular.

Yes, there are many routines, repetitive quests, but complaining about them and, in principle, about grinding in a JRPG is a thankless task.

Yes, at first the game is not very challenging, but then the complexity gradually increases.

Fairy Tail's development hasn't been easy. The game was announced last year and during this time they managed to postpone it twice. Therefore, on the one hand, it's good that it came out in principle. On the other hand, only fans can be satisfied (and even then not all of them) and those connoisseurs of anime who are ready to play anything where this sonorous girlish "arigato" sounds. The rest have nothing to do here.

Pros: The original plot of the manga is fascinating; many interesting characters and their personal tasks; good leveling system for heroes and guilds; an effective combat system based on different types of magic and their combinations; many pretty, nicely dressed (or hardly dressed) girls with big eyes; lively music and expressive Japanese voice acting.


Minuses: the story starts from the middle, so a lot is clear only to fans; it is felt that the authors did not have enough money and time; small and corridor locations; some characters have neither model nor voice acting; poor technical performance of the PC version.



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