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All the games of the GTA saga ordered from worst to best

All the games of the GTA saga ordered from worst to best

Recommending a game from the Grand Theft Auto saga is really easy. If we are indulgent with the visuals, they are all must-have titles. Enough so that sorting them from worst to best is quite a delicate task, although not impossible.

There are many ways to measure the success of the Rockstar Star License. And it is that the saga that exquisitely combines crimes and driving went from being the manual example that you do not have to judge a title by its appearance to leading the vanguard of entertainment. A meteoric trajectory that covers 15 deliveries if we count the spin-offs and expansions.

In fact, and despite the huge number of substitutes that came behind its success, only Rockstar titles are capable of measuring ambition and character with the Grand Theft Auto saga.

What's more, despite the fact that we are already gambling for GTA VI, the fifth numbered installment - released in 2013 - continues to break sales successes (more than 100 million copies sold no less), while adding content and expansions each time more apotheosis.

Further proof that his success is not at all the result of fashion or chance.

And be careful, it is not that Rockstar has given the bell with the fifth installment: since Grand Theft Auto III the saga has sat a chair in a matter of open worlds, but also in the way of intertwining adult plots and absolute freedom of action. An achievement on many levels, with the odd ups and downs along the way.

Because there are crime and chaos beyond the adventures of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, and if you want to give their legacy a chance, we want you to play it safe.

GTA London 1969 and 1961

Released: April 6, 1999

Platforms: PC and PSOne

We started with the double London adventure. Two truly exceptional expansions since, for the first time in the saga, we could tour - with many licenses - a real environment: the capital of England.

In essence, GTA London got a lukewarm reception as, beyond the new location, the extra missions, and the new vehicles, it did not add much to the original formula, giving the impression of being more of an extra from the first GTA than a real snack. of the sequel that would arrive that same year.

Now, it is worth noting his more than remarkable musical section, which would be awarded a BAFTA and would establish the importance of the BSO in the saga.

Grand theft auto-advance


Released: October 2004

Platforms: Game Boy Advance

While the first two numbered installments would eventually make their way - somehow - to the Game Boy Color, Rockstar delegated the development of an exclusive and custom-made version of Nintendo's 32-bit console to Digital Eclipse. 

At some point in the initial phase of the project, they tried to adapt the successful GTA III to the laptop, although - due to hardware limitations - it would end up recovering the top-down perspective with which the saga started, finally offering a kind of original story set in Liberty City.

As a curiosity, it is the only delivery (to date) that continues to be exclusive to a single system and that has not been relaunched. If we do not have the backward compatibility of Nintendo DS, of course. 

GTA: Liberty City Stories

Released: October 2005

Platforms: iOS, Android, PS2, Kindle, and PSP

A year after the launch of GTA Advance, Rockstar would recover the map of GTA III for what - officially - would be the first direct prequel to the saga.

In a way, Liberty City Stories expanded on the original story of the iconic third installment, bringing back and slightly redesigning the New York-inspired city to the possibilities of the PSP, adding in the process novelties from contemporary desktop installments, as an enhancement to the cameras, the use of motorcycles or the possibility of changing our character's clothes.

However, the star novelty of Liberty City Stories was it's multiplayer through Ad-Hoc connection, adding up to seven game modes designed for two or more players.

Grand Theft Auto

Released: May 1998

Platforms: PC, GameBoy Color, PSOne and PS Classic

The spark that would ignite the phenomenon. The game that originated the saga endures better than some of the installments that would arrive years later, and proof of this is that its return was announced as one of the highlights of the PS Classic.

Set in the year 1997, in Grand Theft Auto we would receive delicate orders from public telephones, although most of the time we would dedicate ourselves to doing the hooligan in the three cities enabled for the occasion: Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas.

The initial plan for GTA, which was called Race'n'Chase during the early stages of production, was to offer a fun, addictive, and fast-paced racing game through a novel graphics method. And it must be admitted that over the years they have not strayed too far from that idea.


Released: October 1999

Platforms: PC, Sega Dreamcast, GameBoy Color, PSOne

In 1999 Rockstar managed to redeem itself from GTA London 1969 and 1961 with the long-awaited sequel to Grand Theft Auto, receiving the care and budget expected for the second part of a successful title, as well as versions for practically all systems.

The position of GTA 2 and the first installment in this list are due to their legacy, as well as the way in which they would lay several of the essential foundations of the saga, including the possibility of working for various criminal organizations and - fortunately - improved the save system.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

Released: March 2009

Platforms: iOS, Android, Kindle, PSP and Nintendo DS

After launching GTA IV, Rockstar bet very hard to develop a delivery adapted to the two screens of Nintendo DS, including the possibility of using the stylus as a pick. And although it was not the desired commercial success, it won critical acclaim on its own merits.

Chinatow Wars would be the last entry in the saga using the classic perspective (at least, for now) through a distant and elevated camera, although without resorting to top-down. Furthermore, it was the first and only release to make use of cel-shading.

GTA Chinatown Wars made it clear that the saga was in a mature stage and with well-established acronyms, although sales did not match what was seen on other platforms, so Rockstar decided to update and adapt the title to new portable platforms.

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