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11 family video games to enjoy with your children

family video games
New technologies are more and more present in our lives and children use them more and more frequently, generally for entertainment. Video consoles are part of them and sometimes children spend long hours playing games of their favorite games, many of them are not suitable for them due to their high violent content or bad language.

For this reason, it is very important to control the time they dedicate to it and prevent it from becoming an addiction as well as review the PGI of each one. The latter is an indicator that is used to establish the recommended age.

But not all of them have to be negative, since some promote attention or intelligence and can also be a great family pastime. That is why we have selected the best family video games to enjoy with your children.

1. Muddledash

Recommended age: +3

A platform game for Nintendo Switch in which the main characters are small colored octopuses. In it you will have to compete against three other opponents in a race to get to the water party that is about to take place on time. You will also carry a gift in your tentacles that you cannot lose during the tour. Enjoy playing as a family with Muddlelash and may the fastest win! Also available for PC.

2. Flower

Recommended age: +3

Discover the fascinating world of flowers with Flower. An original adventure for Playstation 3 and 4 in which you must gather flower petals to carry them floating through the air until you create your own. Know the beautiful landscapes that you will have to water according to their needs. A family video game with which children can learn many of the characteristics and properties of plants while having fun.

3. Just Dance 2019

Recommended age: +3

Does your family like music and movement? Well, this game is for you. Just Dance offers endless choreographies with all the hits of the moment. But you can also enjoy its previous versions like Just Dance 2017 or Just Dance 2018, among others, with which together you can move your skeleton to the rhythm of classics and many other songs. Choose the choreography that you like the most and imitate the steps indicated by the character on the screen and let's dance! Available for Playstation 3 and 4, XBOX, WII and Nintendo Switch.

4. Singstar Disney songs

Recommended age: +3

A new installment of this famous karaoke (for PlayStation) with which you can sing songs from the Disney factory as a family. Includes songs from the classics The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, The Jungle Book and many more. It allows you to choose the song you prefer to sing or put it in random mode and you can also do it alone or accompanied. An ideal family video game for your parties that the whole family can play and with which you will show that you are artists.

5. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Recommended age: +3

Enjoy with your children an exciting career starring the most famous characters from the Crash Bandicoot saga. This game for PlayStation 4 offers two options, the classic mode and the Nitro-Fueled. The first allows you to choose a character that will accompany you until the end of the adventure, while the second option gives you the opportunity to unlock characters, karts and customization items as you progress through the story. You will also face the bosses of each level and you can collect the four trophies.

6. Super Mario Odyssey

Recommended age: +7

Join Mario on his new adventure for Nintendo Switch and use his new abilities to collect the fuel needed to power his aircraft, the Odyssey. Also, while you are doing it, you must rescue the princess from the evil Bowser. A game that you can enjoy in turns and with which you will travel beyond the Mushroom Kingdom. Includes downloadable updates to unlock new activities and outfits for characters.

7. Word Hunter

Recommended age: +7

Wordhunter is a PlayStation 4 video game with which you can exercise your mind while you play. It offers fifteen minigames with different levels of difficulty and in which up to six people can participate. It also includes the Playlink function that allows you to connect the game to your iOS and Android devices. With it they can participate with family or friends.

8. Catastronuts

Recommended age: +7

The game proposes a cooperative mode for four players in which it invites you to join the Space Fleet and fight against the many invaders and dangers that lurk. As you advance through the levels, your team will deal with repairing damaged systems, putting out fires, avoiding solar flares and many other things to keep your ship intact. An adventure available for PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo and PC.

9. It's Quiz Time

Recommended age: +7

It's Quiz Time is a general culture question-answer game with more than 25,000 questions. It includes themes ranging from cartoons to sports and history and allows its use by up to eight players thanks to the fact that you can connect with your smartphone. It is available for PC and PlayStation. With it, you will test your knowledge while having fun together.

10. LittleBig Planet

Recommended age: +7

Discover this small planet inhabited by rag dolls whose skills you can use to create and explore your own world. It has numerous combinations of settings, materials and objects so that you let your imagination and creativity fly. In addition, its new version includes more than 30 new levels distributed in different thematic areas such as China, Hollywood or Australia among others.

11. Hasbro Family Fun Pack

Recommended age:  +7

The classic board games collected in one to enjoy with the family. Monopoly, Trivial, Risk and Boggle adapted to the video console format. There is the possibility to customize your rules offering fun for everyone both to play from the couch and online. Includes missions to complete apart from traditional modes. A video game for XBOX and PlayStation 4.

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